Edge Trader DOM

Fast and efficient for active Bookmap traders.

Designed for Bookmap

Summary & Features

Edge Trader DOM interface provides single-click order entry for an instrument while displaying market depth against recent trades, aggregated into a split volume profile. The price display and Last Traded Quantity(LTQ) gives you a visual sense of market movement and order flow events over a period of time/range or relative to other markets.

When entering orders, EdgeTrader gives you the ability to quickly and safely enter orders for an instrument with a single click. The price ladder gives you the confidence to enter an order at a specific price level, and the intuitive design of the displayed traded volume allows you to manage your working orders and positions based on easily identifiable order flow events.

Edge Trader DOM Features

Edge Trader DOM has many of the features found on widely used professional platforms as well as some unique features of our own design. All of which are intuitive. The type of traders we had in mind are those that are especially active, who scale in/out of position and/or scalp often without having to worry about cancelling the odd order still sitting in the market. Like orphan brackets or entry orders outside of the visual range of the price ladder’s current displayed prices*

*Requires FV KB Pro for smart orders features

  • 01 Fast accurate market updates

    Implemented using Bookmap's powerful API which processes millions of updates per second displaying all market generated trade execution and liquidity changes accurately and efficiently giving traders the data and reliability they require for quick decisions.

  • Displays the trades executed on the bid and ask separately in order to identify which side of the market is most aggressive or passive in a given range and to easily identify market generated short term trade imbalances.

  • Displays the trades currently hitting the bid or taking the offer providing traders with a more intuitive read of Time and Sales generated data aggregated at price in a short term micro-structure event process for quick orderflow evaluation.

  • Extremely quick at processing trader clicks for placing and manipulating orders using Bookmap's implemented order management systems(OMS) minimizing market order response for order confirmation feedback.

  • Displays the most recent traded or swept price levels with a highlight giving a visual reference of trade momentum of the start and end price, allowing traders to identify areas of potential liquidity vacuum.

  • Edgetrader Dom is a detached floating Dom that can be placed anywhere on the traders' screen with the optional feature to display"Always on Top" to maintain execution or visual priority when used in a multi screen/application workspace.

  • Uses Bookmap's Trade Control Panel(TCP) to set order size tabs,bracket settings and trade size.*
    Display Bookmap's Addons: Stops and Icebergs and Absorption Indicator directly on the Dom next to the related prices for quick trade event evaluation and trade execution!**

    *Will be able to set the Bookmap TCP values directly from Edge Trader Dom in a future release)
    **Will use Bookmap's currently in developement Addon Event broadcasting API feature in a future release)

  • Click here for the complete list of features and documentation

About Us

We are a collaborative team of traders, coders and research engineers developing tools predominantly for proprietary use specifically for hybrid, semi and full implementation of algorithmic trading.

We decided to release some of our tools in order to develop industry relationships across a range of trader experience and platform developers seeking to improve algorithmic trading capability for both professional and retail traders.

  • Algo trading development
  • Custom Addons and Alerts
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Our Services

Algo Development

  • Automate the entry and exit of positions
  • Reduce the risk of manuals errors when placing orders
  • Leverage the power of Bookmap's exceptional API

Custom Alerts/Addons

  • Build trade event alerts based on trader observations
  • Trade signals based on micro-structure data events
  • Addons can be offered on Bookmap's Marketplace


Check out our available addons on our Bookmap Marketplace store or reach out to us directly via email or in the Contact section


Current Addons available on Bookmap Marketplace

Edge Trader DOM

A fast and feature rich execution Dom designed for Bookmap.

Orderflow Toolkit

A trade event alert suite of 7 tools for developing visual references for order flow trading edges.

KB Execution PRO

A toolset both for quick keyboard short cut execution and automatic smart order management expanding beyond Bookmap's basic TCP trade management features.


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